It’s been a while since my last post, tons of things happened, which one day I will hopefully write an update about. I’m usually too busy building exciting stuff to post on a regular basis.. but I will make an effort to write more.

For now – check out the new product, design and engineering blog at Yieldstreet. It’s called “Distributed”, which is a play on words:

  • Distributed architecture
  • Distributions we make to our investors
  • Distributed nature of our engineering team

I put this blog together myself using Ghost – a great new CMS I really like. I used a template for the design – with some help from our design team to make it better. I’ve been using WordPress since 2006 and launched many successful sites on it.. but it has a number of issues and a combination of Ghost + Gatsby has been great – it’s super fast (since it’s a static site), secure (since the admin dashboard can be on a private network), good set of features and easy to use. But that’s fodder for another blog post 🙂

Very soon I will actually write something for our new tech blog myself as well.. stay tuned!